Denver Performing Arts Society Opens its Doors

A safe, neighborhood-friendly community center where anyone can perform without censorship or cost. Learn more or sign up.


Live From Denver

Live From Denver is a weekly show where anyone can perform. Tune in 4pm every Sunday to catch the live show.

”Imagine a city in which every performer has access to a stage, a recording studio, and skills-based technical training.”

With our community-run facilities, we provide everyone in the Denver area with a safe performance facility that is neighborhood-conscious and free from censorship. As a member in our society, you can access our facilities and broadcast your performance to the world.

As a performer, we provide you with access to our facilities and training on how to use the equipment. You’ll be up and running in no time. Learn more or become a member.

Performers Unite!

Denver Performing Arts Society membership is now open to the public. Performers gain access to our facilities to perform your show without censorship or cost.